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program grounded. it's all ahead on the channel 2 morning news. good morning, you're looking live. what a pretty shot of the bay bridge this morning as the sun gets ready to come up. well lit. today is a big day for the bay bridge. we find out when the new span will officially open. we hear it can be after the labor day weekend. it's thursday, i'm pam cook. >> how did you get the bay bridge to dress up for you. it's almost the same as yesterday, a little delta breeze, the temperatures are still 60s, 80s and 90s. it will be a hot day in vac a ville. most vacations west of that
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will be cooler, fog or clear, mild lows, a lot of 60s on the lows. it's warm, but i feel that cooler breeze. it's nice to warm to hot. one more day, and tomorrow things change. mid-60s already. a little more sitting there, oakland 52 degrees. san jose is a balmy mild. southwest 23, 23 out of travis. it's decent this kind of year. we'll starting a cooling day starting tomorrow. a breeze at time, we'll be picking up as well. 60s, 70s into 90s. here's sal. >> good morning, we have a problem on the peninsula on northbound 101 university avenue. injury crash is blocking most of the freeway north bound. the traffic is going to be slowing down from mountain view and palo alto.
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police have issued a signal alert. the best way for you to get around it is using interstate 280. that looks good going up the peninsula. this is interstate 880, that traffic continues to look good. getting to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's good going into san francisco. >> we're following developing news in hayward this morning where police killed a domestic violence suspect. claudine wong is on the scene. claw dean, you found out there was -- claudine you found there were children in the home at the time. >> yes, very scary. still a very active scene out here on tennyson road. this happened in an apartment complex. this whole area is still taped off as the crime scene unit processes the scene. a 37-year-old man is dead after
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being shot by police and it all started with a 911 call from a 12-year-old girl. >> the call came from a young female claiming that her parents were in a fight. dispatchers could hear fighting and arguing going on in the background. officers were responding and while they were responding the child advised that the father had armed himself with a knife and was threatening to kill the mother. >> back here live on tennyson road police told us this morning that multiple units responded to the scene. two officers maiden try into the apartment and moments later the man threatened them with the knife and shots were fired. we don't know how many shots, we do not know what kind of knife was used. we do not know if the man lunged at the officers or what he did, fearing for their lives one officer fired at least one
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shot if not more and the man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. what we were learning, there were two -- girls inside the apartment, one of them called 911 and the mother was there as well. they were all unharmed. they were at the police station as they tried to put this together. this is going to be an active crime scene for the next few hours. we'll keep an eye on it as we bring it to you. ktvu. back to you. more on the horrifying kidnapping by a man who killed her mother and younger brother. james dimaggio tortured them and killed them. dimaggio also shot and killed the family dog. on the day of the murders, dimaggio and the teenage girl called each other 13 times. documents show dimaggio's
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sister made an unusual large number of calls that day and may have helped him. a family of a missing child from oakland are frustrated from leads in the case. two dozen people walked from police headquarters, she died five weeks ago. the father told him someone kidnapped daphne from the car when he went into a shop. calf any -- daphne's mother is frustrated with the investigation. >> i know they try to do what they can, but it seems like a standstill. >> when you're not privy to an investigation it can sometimes seem like that. >> police say more than a dozen investigators are working hard to try and find the little girl. after years of planning construction and delays, a couple of hours the final decision will be made on when
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the bay bridge will open. we're on treasure island and the new eastern span is behind you. >> that $6.4 billion span is supposed to open in the next few weeks. we'll look at video today. the press conference this morning will be of the metropolitan transportation commission's agenda. the exact date when it will open to traffic, they believe it will happen tuesday, september 3rd. construction crews will focus just west of the toll plaza. they'll realign 26 lanes and demolish part of the old structure. there will be work where it hits the island tunnel. you may remember the original date of the opening was put on hold in march after the 96 bolts secured the bridge
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failed. it will make it safe for traffic and it will -- it should be done as isn't as possible. >> the bars going to be functional and they won't have a lay labor disruption at all. >> the official word will come at 10:00 this morning. we'll bring up the latest as it develops. live on the island, channel 2 news. >> if they select the labor day option, they'll shut it down for five days starting august 28th. construction work will be during the holiday weekend with the morning commute being tuesday september 3rd. say with us for the bridge decision. you can use the ktvu app, following us on twitter or
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liking ktvu on facebook. emergency responders waited 5 minutes for deputies to secure the scene for helping workers, they said it's standard procedure to wait for a crime scene to be secured before administering aid. the person is expected to be entering a plea next week. oakland police started chasing the suspects who were accused of stealing a silver nissan. they backed up the car and hit a police cruiser, two men and a female juvenile were arrested. they recovered a semi ought weapon at the scene, no one was hurt in that pursuit.
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today's back to school segment, it's on hold now, a program to people for fall sports. it's delayed now, because there's a shortage of qualified trainers to keep an eye on and monitor the program. if an athlete had an injury, a trainer could test that program and compare the results in the baseline exam to determine if they had a concussion. 150 children in san francisco will get three clothing and back to school supplies. they're hosting their annual give away on mission street. 60 families have signed up for today's give away. our channel 2 website has a special back to school session for you. you can find all the information on school starting dates tips on how to save on back to school shopping and a
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lot more. we've posted a slide show featuring class photos of our talented members of our ktvu staff, you better check on pam cook there. >> and dave. >> 5:09 is the time a bold attack at a high school, they're looking for a suspect from an armed robbery on campus. >> look what's happening in egypt. chaos, a government crackdown on protestors. >> good morning if you're driving soon on the golden gate bridge, traffic looks good heading south. there's a problem on the peninsula. we'll tell you about that straight ahead. >> any temperature change inland. it looks like a cooler weekend. we'll have details on all of that coming up. ♪
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from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ we have new developments in egypt's continuing crackdown on the apartment government protestors. the death toll in egypt continues to rise into the hundreds. we have how it impacts us in the us. >> 525 people are dead and at least another 3500 are injured. the scene in cairo yesterday,
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bulldozers are plowing through sit in camps. they're firing weapons at unarmed protestors. they protested mohamed morsi. he was removed from the military a month ago. they declared a state of emergency yesterday and a nighttime curfew something the white house condemned yesterday. john mccain and lindsey graham met with opposing parties next week. they warned they would cut off aid if they did not stabilize democracy. . bay area egyptians are closely following what is happening in egypt. they say they're disheartened for what's going on especially
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after they had high hopes for their country after the air and revolution two years ago. >> it could have been avoided. i don't know where we can recover from this as a society long term. >> mohammed says he found out three people he knows were killed during that violence in cairo. >> time 5:14, autopsy results. a service member accused of the killing in that rampage in the military base. he's accused of killing 13 people in fort hood in 2009. some of the victims were shot and killed as they were on the floor after being wounded earlier. one civilian was shot six times and he was killed after grabbing a chair, trying to stop hasan. >> in a landmark decision, military personnel and same sex
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relationships will be granted leave to get married. they're allowed seven days extra leave to get married. that's only if they're stationed from a hundred miles where the same sex marriage is legal. they need to make housing and benefits available and housing to same sex members. an advocacy is calling on congress to pass immigration reform. >> wasn't to give back. i believe 100% in what the country stands for. let me serve. >> he features that man, a man who came to the us when he was 7 years old. he served in the rotc and
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earned a ranking, but he's unable to join the military due to his immigration status. they're taking up the issue of fracking at a meeting today. it enjoys use injecting sand, water and other chemicals to get oil and gas. they've banned fracking on the coast. there are concerns about the effects on marine life and water quality. >> phone and e-mail service should be restored today for at&t customers. they're working to fix the damage from a copper cable theft. they cut a line and that disrupted service for some at&t customers from fairfield and core deal i can't. in pleasant -- cordilia.
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the 60-foot tower will be on certificate pin teen park. no -- serpintine park. the tower will meet safety standards. it's 5:17 let's check in with sal for a look at the commute this morning. >> good morning, we're looking at some problems of the peninsula, northbound 101 as we come up and clearing the crash. it's nice and early. they're clearing the crash from the bay shore freeway. highway 4, bay point you can see we're having trouble with our camera you might see some road work east on our highway. let's go to the toll plaza westbound. the traffic is moving along nicely. no major delays get nothing san francisco.
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at 5:18 let's go to steve. >> thank you. santa rosa high and elementary, we're grading on the curve you're getting an a plus. it will be about 84 to 88 degrees. a little cooler than yesterday, that's for sure. a pretty good system in the gulf of alaska, it will start to increase the fog tonight and tomorrow and give us local drizzle by this time tomorrow, it's squashing that fog. also temperatures today will be close to yesterday's. it came down a couple of degrees. we'll see a drop, still 8 #s and 90s. it's a cooler pattern. we're sitting in the 60s, except for the north bay which is in the 50s. most areas are in the 60s. delta breeze is kicking up its
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heels. these are all a little stronger. the sea breeze seems to be stronger. livermore 6. we're getting into the tahoe and then it's moving up. it sends it over. they're both in sink for a cooler pattern. there will be more fog overnight into tomorrow and that will give as you trend of a cooler pattern friday into saturday. it will be warm to hot inland. we'll have the westerly breeze. it will take the edge off on some of these temperatures. 70s and 60s closer to the water where it's mild to warm and the extended outlook has the cooling pattern and that goes right into the peak weekend. >> thank you. the major european markets are down this morning. all the asian markets closed
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with losses as well. investors reacting to uncertainty when the federal reserve will be cutting its monetary stimulus plan. there's a pretty good drop for the nasdaq, s&p 500. the dow is down more than 100 points. it is opening down 80 to 100 points as well. shares in cisco systems right now expected to open down $2 or 8.5% that's after the equipment maker announced it's cutting 4,000 jobs. the ceo blames the global economy, the business environment is continuing to improve slightly, but it's not moving at the pa pace we want. a chance to see the wax museum, after 50 years it's closing permanently. this family has been running
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for 3 generationses. the collection like those are going to be sold. they are going to open a branch of madam tussaud's next year. >> we knew it was going to close for a while. it's pretty cool. new troubles for a crime on a church. the crime and what suspicion items were found on the suspect it blew the walls out and it hit me on the side. >> how that couple survived in the ocean and two the things they could not leave floating in the ocean.
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welcome back. time now,:524, a man is accused of stabbing another man outside of a bar. he attacked another man with a knife on union and buchanon streets. he was sent to the hospital he is recovering at home now. if you have any information call san francisco police. the police are getting ready for the annual hemp fest. they're not passing out tickets for marijuana possession.
5:26 am
they're handling out doritos, they're going to encourage marijuana users to look at the website and look at the marijuana laws. they're recognizing the sfo testified having the trucks at the airport last month. airport executives decided they wanted to expand the program indefinitely. every thursday food vendors will have their trucks at terminal one with a variety of different trucks expected every week. a husband and wife from oregon are sharing their story of survival out at sea. they've been fishing off their boat for 27 years. their engine exploded and their
5:27 am
boat started to sink. >> it blew the wall street out and the fire ball hit me on the side. you see it now, it burned all my face in here and down through here. >> in a rush, they abandoned ship and were rescued by nearby boat. they had no choice, but to leave their two cats behind, but the cats ended off sinking off the boat and they were reunited and they hope to all return to sea. a bicyclist convicted and hitting a bicyclist and the reason he will not go to jail. >> a student injured at a south bay camp puts treeing to help another student. we'll have the details. >> we do have traffic getting busier now, as you drive around the bay. this is getting up to highway
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217. >> the wind is picking up in the marine county hills and east bay hills, and that means a cooler forecast.
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good morning, welcome back to channel 2 morning news. live pictures of pan pa especially pam cook's very own eastern span of the bay bridge. in a cup -- couple of hours
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we'll find out if it will open in time. thursday, august 15th, 2013. >> it looks like there may be a little fog out there. let's check in with steve. >> we do have some fog, low clouds, mild lows, a good breeze, higher elevations, it's 20 to 30 miles per hour. mild lows let's give you your welcome back temperatures for thursday. vacaville. it's still toasty again. overall we do have temperatures today close to yesterday. i don't think there will be much change in fog, nice sun, we'll see a little bit of a change. mid-60s for some. temperatures are really very mild to warm. still a deseventh breeze and it's picking up.
5:32 am
you have one here, one warm, one westerly world series on -- breeze onshore. that will buff -- give a significant cool down. it's breezy at times. temperatures 60s to 90s all over the place. 88 santa rosa, 88 concord, and st. clare valley 80, 87 san mateo. >> right now traffic is doing well in some areas, but we have some problems, northbound 101 they're clearing the crash, but they're making progress here, northbound 101 and university avenue. it's nice and early we don't have a huge backup there. as we move the maps, if we can put the maps up quickly, i want to mention there could be police activity and getting some reports from that -- reports of that.
5:33 am
give yourself extra time. we can go back to the toll plaza, i will show you that the traffic is backed up a little bit, also if you're driving on interstate 80s this is 5:32. let's go back to the desk. karen is live in sent jose, one young man was hurt trying to help his classmate. >> reporter: students believe he was pistol whipped while a student was getting robbed at the time. the incident happened yesterday afternoon. according to the mercury news, a girl was approached by a gunman on campus after classes let out on wednesday. a male student tried to jump in and helped. what's bleeding quite a bit after being struck in the head. he was taken to the hospital
5:34 am
and respected to recover. the girl was not hurt. other students were told to get away from campus and have their students pick them up elsewhere. the government is described as black or middle eastern wearing a zip erred gray sweat shirt and blacjeans. we have called the police as well as school officials trying to get more information about what happened and also trying to see if any security measures will be taken as a result of all this. we'll let you know as soon as we find out. for now, we're live inside san jose. ktvu channel 2 news. >> opening dates of the new bay bridge. we have a perfect view of the new eastern span and the news drivers are waiting to hear. >> reporter: good morning, we've been showing that picture all morning. it's a beautiful shot of the bridge this morning. that's the bridge we're talking
5:35 am
about, the 6.4 billion span of the bridge may be opening in a few weeks. all the talk of when it will open should be put to rest. on the the mtc's agenda will be open to when it will be decided. it will be open tuesday september 3rd, but before that can happen, the bridge will be closed for five days. they'll focus mainly in the area west of the toll plaza, that's because the crew deck will demolish part of the old structure. there will be work where the span hits the island tunnel. the original date of the opening was put back in march when the securing of the bridge failed. the federal highway administration says the temporary fix to the bolt will make it safe for trial and will be put in place as quickly as
5:36 am
possible. >> people will be able to make arrangements. they won't have a labor disruption at all. >> that's good news for people who use the bay bridge. the official word will come down at 10:00 this morning in oakland and we'll be there when it happens. >> live in treasure island, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> stay tuned for the bridge decision, you can see that alert when it is announced. you can use your mobile app, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook to get that alert. there are currently no new negotiations scheduled. the two sides remain tens of millions of dollars apart. complicating is the ac transit deal. it calls for 9.5% raise in three years, bart is offering 10% over four workers.
5:37 am
bart workers wants more. they say it's much higher than ac transit. a report is due to be submitted today about why it excreted its enrollment cap. this school was given a permit in the year 2000 it let's it enroll 415 students. some of the neighbors say extra enrollment is causing parking and traffic problems. the officials admit it is 33 students over the enrollment cap. they're working to deal with the neighbors concerns. they are having a meeting tonight. students of the community college of san francisco, they're working to keep the accreditation. they plan to hold a meeting this afternoon. they're asking for a row verse al of the decision to -- reversal of the decision to end
5:38 am
the accreditation. that decision should be reversed after the department of education found the commission had a conflict much interest. today two defendants in the notorious high school gang race, they found marcelles peter and jose montano guilty of gang raping a girl. two men are in prison and two others are awaiting trial. the bicyclist who pled guilty of hitting and killing a pedestrians will learn his punishment today. he will be found guilty of
5:39 am
homicide blah:he'll be -- he will be expected to serve 1,000 community service. a complete redesign of folsom street after a bicyclist was hit and killed there. a woman was hit by a truck after making a right turn on to sixth street. there is already a lane for bicyclists on that stretch of folsom. but, they're calling for a bicycle lane physically separated from traffic. a vigil is being held for sandra coke. the candlelight vigil was held last night. she was known as a dedicated single mother to her 15-year- old daughter. >> i can't wait for that day when we meet at heaven's gate.
5:40 am
randy is a person of interest in this case. the two of them dated briefly 20 years ago and he recently reappeared in her life. he's a convicted sex offender and he's in jail on a parole violation. google is under fire. it's defending itself against a datamining lawsuit. it filed a legal motion, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy and information they voluntarily turn over to third parties. some are pausing before they hit sand. >> who is able to see it, and what things can be extracted from it. >> google says it takes privacy and security very seriously. anyone who sends or receives e- mail from a third person should think that it should go through
5:41 am
automated processing. >> he's accused of abducting a teenage girl and killing her brother and mother. what is leading into this case and who else is suspected in the case. the plane crash in alabama. the obstacles in the federal  investigation. traffic is going to be busy if you're going to be driving in parts of bait. it's getting busy in oakland. >> the lows are mild yet a west wind is kicking up its heals. we'll see how that -- heels. we'll see how that plays into temperature fluctuations.
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welcome back. 5:43 at the time. they're trying to get the data recorder of the plane that crashed in alabama yesterday afternoon. they have little information to go on because there was no distress call before that plane went down. one story area they're looking into is based on witness accounts, it's the possibility of mechanical problems. >> it was extremely low and then it sounded like it was sputtering, that it was out of fuel. >> investigators have not been able to get to the plane's cockpit because part of the wreckage is still smouldering. the two pilots died in that crash. people are who were forced to evacuate because of that fire, are able to return to their homes today. 14 homes were affected by that
5:45 am
fire in park city utah last night. the wildfire is one of dozens burning in the west. there are at least 30 active fires across the region. >> time now 5:44, new information in a san raphael woman who died while working in the sierra. she may have fallen to her death while hiking in the sequoia national forest. she was reported a week ago when she didn't come back home when expected. this church was a target of vandalism and break in twice last week. police arrested 27-year-old did he sean davis on suspicion of attempted burglary. he was seen walking out of st. john the baptist catholic church with burglary tools. four days earlier, they arrested a transient on suspicion of vandalizing the
5:46 am
church. he destroyed about 15,000 dollars worth of property. they don't think the crimes are related. they're adding more locks on the windows and adding surveillance cameras. they rejected the legal effort to save prop 8. they argued that only the two couples named in the landmark case should be allowed to marry. unless something unforeseen happens, the legal battle of gay marriage is over. they are calling for a boycott of russian vodka. this is one held by a sfole vodka. it was one of a number of actions against anti-gay laws. >> they say it supports the gay
5:47 am
community and as has no ties to the government. numbers in at least 27 american cities have launched petitions on move there are two bay area petitions, one in oakland has 900 signatures the one in san jose has 700. the man accused of stabbing his girlfriend is scheduled to enter a plea next week. richard slaughter tried to plead guilty yesterday. a judge advised him to meet with his lawyer first and set the arraignment next thursday. he's acould you see evidence driving under the influence and possessing a firearm. the discount chain needs about 200 people to operate the cash registers and it's holding a job fair. interviews are being conducted at the new store.
5:48 am
it's on gary street that starts at 11:00 m morning. the store is expected to open in october. >> sal is always on target with the commute. >> it's looking good. things have improved. crash on the peninsula is gone on university avenue. let's look at the bay bridge though, you can see a backup forming here at the toll plaza and no major problems, and it looks good in san francisco. we're looking at the commute on 880 oakland. 580 traffic also smooth as you drive from castro valley to oakland. we mentioned the peninsula. those lanes are now open and traffic is recovering very nicely along the freeway. >> thank you before we get to our school forecast we'll have a shot to our friend. i'm watching you guys at 5:50,
5:49 am
so thank you. the very cool and hip annabelle. this is starting off clear, it will be 74, and will go to 88 for a high. it will still be in the 80s south of town. there will be some rain there, but we're waiting for the tail end to move across. we're sandwiched in between. height winds is out. the sea breeze is kicking up here. so, coast fog, still warm inland. the 60s to 90s, the low is really mild. i'm seeing 20 to 30, cooler breezy patterns for the weekend. 6 o in san francisco. even oakland is 63, so a mild pattern. the delta breeze is stronger, there's a stronger south wind and westerly wind.
5:50 am
even out towards liver more. it's a transition there, we're still going to get mild conditions. 60s or 80s on the desert. it's a decent system. we have to watch these coming out of the gulf of alaska. it breaks off a little low and it moves it off the bay area. temperatures may go down further. overnight fog will continue to increase. it will be cooler for everybody by the weekend. morning fog sunday, breezy to windy at times. maybe we can find lower elevations, anywhere from 60s, p 0s, 80, to 90s, we'll did down two from yesterday, more hill, a lot of 80s on the peninsula. cooler pattern more fog, it looks like drizzle on the saturday morning and cooler pattern into next week. >> thank you, steve.
5:51 am
wal-mart reports lower expected earnings they rose 1.3%, but sales are slower than expected. they've missed estimates in several recent quarters and it's set to go down $2 a share. first time benefits hit lowest levels in recent years. it's down 15,000 from the week before. economists say it's a sign employers are laying off fewer workers. a federal judge has set a court date for damages in e book antitrust company. it ruled that they violated antitrust laws to raise prices of e books. unless a damaged settlement can be reach a judge wants a hearing next may. they could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. >> time now 5:51, we're
5:52 am
parents, the price tag of having children. what it costs to have and raise a child these days and whether most people can afford it. trying to turn over the ban on is that correct fin soup. the big support it has on its side. [ trina ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and these are my roommates. this is one of my favorite professors. and so is this. this is my academic advisor. and also my cheerleader. and when i finish my degree in business... a new job, at a great company... that's the graduation present i want. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at welcome back to the ktvu
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channel 2 news. two chinese american groups are getting support in their backer over is that correct fence -- fins. president obama is supporting a reversal of the ban. the ban is from conservation groups. a new report suggests a rising number of areas are in the dark. there were 773 street light outages in 2008. that jumped to 2100 in the next year there were 4200 in 2011, that is a quadruple increase in four years. they blame it on old infrastructure. they're charge -- planning to raise the rates by 40%.
5:56 am
joseph naso is due to make his own closing arguments in his murder trial. naso was 79 years old. he's accused of killing four women in the 1970s and 1990s. he did not testify during the trial. he's been acting as his own lawyer with the help of a legal advisor. one attending is larry roggasch. >> it's going to be closure. i'm not going to feel better for roxanne. >> this was a sign that read joseph naso killed my sister. it continued after the judge decided that none of the jury members saw that sign. if he's convicted he could face the death penalty. a man is due to face a judge today.
5:57 am
james is expected to go to court for a status hearing. he killed this man and burglarized his home after meeting at a bar in castro. he's met not guilty. the cost of raising children is more expensive. families with a child born last year will spend $241 over the next 18 years. that does not include the cost of college. the estimates are up 3% for 20 # 1. housing child care costs are all rising, but wages are to the keeping pace. the shortage that's keeping this program grounded for now. >> developing word out of hay ward. why police say they've had to use deadly force. traffic will be busy in some areas right now. we're off to a good start. we'll tell you where the
5:58 am
traffic will be slow. >> the lows are mild. if you're along parts of the san mateo coast, drizzle, details coming up.
5:59 am
6:00 am
police are still on the scene of an officer involved shooting. we'll tell you about the 9 # 1 call made by that man's daughter that brought police here in the first place. >> a student injured here on a south bay campus trying to intervene on a robbery. what the gunman was after. the state officials are pushing for an opening date. what they're pushing for. the communications she had with the man who killed her family and took her into the idaho wilderness. the morning news ins continues. good morning, cleanup under way right now after a

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